& Mission

Vision:To become Canada’s most reliable and cost effective carrier with the use of cutting edge technologies, training, continuous improvement and innovative approach.
Mission:To provide safe and reliable road and intermodal services that add significant value to customer’s supply chain.


New Terminal Location in Winnipeg: 75 Milner Street, Winnipeg, MB



fast and safe
» Tractor Service
» Dry Vans
» Refrigerator Service
» Heater Service
» LCV (Long Combination Vehicle)

Safety Function: Our safety department is headed by full time safety and compliance manager having long experience in sea and road transportation. It is managed from corporate headquarters in Calgary.

Calgary and Edmonton has full time safety supervisors with marked cars 24/7 ready to rush to site. They are also given responsibility to keep a watch on road drivers. Randomly drivers are followed to ensure compliance to safety norms. We follow a rigid maintenance program where equipment is inspected every months. All drivers are strictly instructed do a thorough pre and post trip. They must report any damage or defect on a cry sheet at the end of their trip. Every cry sheet is monitored by safety and compliance manager, and he ensures every defect is liquidated promptly.

Accident Investigation Procedure: We have Standard Operating Procedure for investigation of any accident or incident. Safety supervisor rushes to the spot whenever he gets information, he has been equipped with investigation kit in safety car. Safety supervisor fills out specified forms along with following:
• Statement of driver
• Police and insurance are informed without delay
• Written report along with diary of events and timeline
• Statements of drivers and witnesses and Photographs

The report is then submitted to safety and compliance manager.

Equipment: We operate with company owned:
• 130 tractors
• 80 trailers

Our 50% of the fleet is 2010 onwards. We have 40 trucks of year 2012. The rest of the equipment we plan to replace with brand new one in next two years.